In 2018, EASL is piloting a student focused program which will strengthen students’ leadership and project management skills, providing them with the skills and knowledge to apply sustainability in their own lives and broader communities.  

The program involves a one day conference style event and online workshop sessions held before and after the conference, facilitated by the EASL Coordinator. The conference day, to be held in early Term 2, will have student’s complete workshop sessions which will help to further develop their project management skills and increase their knowledge of sustainability issues within their region. 

After participating it is anticipated that students will feel empowered and will be able to clearly communicate the changes they want to see in the world and throughout their community.

The pilot program will be limited to three schools per EASL council, with a maximum of five students attending the conference day from each school. The program is targeting students in grade 5 to year 9.

To get involved in the program:

*Participation in the program is not dependent on attending the information session

More information will be become available in early 2018 and updates will be provided on this web page and through our subscriber list.