Teacher Environment Network (TEN) Meetings Banner Image

Teacher Environment Network Meetings have been held across the region for over 10 years and were most recently coupled with professional development sessions. EASL has decided to reintroduce the standalone TEN meetings to better facilitate networking across the region and give educators an opportunity to share challenges and learnings from their own sustainability journey.

The TEN meetings aim to support educators to better integrate sustainability into the curriculum and their workplace by:

  • providing an opportunity for sharing knowledge, experiences and skills
  • supporting and encouraging new activities and programs¬†
  • connecting local government goals with those of schools and early years
  • providing a connections to relevant and interesting programs and resources around sustainability education.

Currently there will be up to two meetings per term with some guest speakers. Sessions will be held online under current COVID-19 restrictions with review early in 2021. 

Attendance at meetings can be counted towards teachers' Professional Development requirements for VIT registration. Sessions will be facilitated where educators can bring along questions, ideas and challenges they want to discuss.

Upcoming TEN Meeting Dates: