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Want your students to take the lead in 2018? EASL wants to help.

IconLearning for a Sustainable Future - Student Program

In 2018, EASL is piloting a student focused program which will strengthen students’ leadership and project management skills, providing them with the skills and knowledge to apply sustainability in their own lives and broader communities.  

The program involves a one day conference style event and online workshop sessions held before and after the conference, facilitated by the EASL Coordinator. The conference day, to be held in early Term 2, will have student’s complete workshop sessions which will help to further develop their project management skills and increase their knowledge of sustainability issues within their region. 

After participating it is anticipated that students will feel empowered and will be able to clearly communicate the changes they want to see in the world and throughout their community.

The pilot program will be limited to three schools per EASL council, with a maximum of five students attending the conference day from each school. The program is targeting students in grade 5 to year 9.

To get involved in the program:

*Participation in the program is not dependent on attending the information session

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New EASL Coordinator

Sarah CroppedEASL is pleased to introduce Sarah Bond as the new Eastern Alliance for Sustainable Learning coordinator. Sarah comes from an education background and has worked in the community sector for many years. She is looking forward to continuing the work of EASL in providing assistance and opportunities for educators in local schools, early year’s centres and community groups. As well as organising Professional Development sessions, she will be working to build the EASL network and helping to facilitate communities to take action towards a more sustainable future. 

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A Reflection on 2017

Photo Board 4

2017 has been a very busy year for EASL, with the Learning for Sustainability Conference held in Term 2 as well as another three professional development sessions over the year. We also started the EASL Facebook and Twitter pages, revamped the website and offered schools the opportunity to visit  The New Joneses tiny house at Whitehorse.

Early Learning Walk Photo 2

Congratulations to those EASL schools who made it into the finals of the Resource Smart Schools Awards. A special congratulations to Manchester Primary School who won the Waste Primary School of the Year Award!

Overall, EASL has had over 200 people attend their events for the year! The feedback from all of our sessions has been really positive and we hope to continue to inspire, encourage and support the EASL community in 2018.

We would like to thank all of the schools that hosted a PD session this year. You all put in such a great effort behind-the-scenes to ensure each event was a success and we're looking forward to working further with other interested EASL members in future. 

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Winners of the 2017 EASL Impact Survey

The three winners from the 2017 EASL Impact survey are:

  • Burwood East Primary School
  • Croydon Hills Primary School
  • Templestowe World of Learning

Congratulations to these providers and many thanks to all those who participated in the survey. For those that are still interested in passing on their feedback , the survey can still be completed here:  www.surveymonkey.com/r/TY3TMND

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Learning for a Sustainable Future: Term 1 Information Session

EASL LogoThis information session is being held to share details of the pilot student program that EASL is organising for 2018. It is hoped that schools interested in participating in the Learning for a Sustainable Future program will attend to find out more about the program and what is involved if they decide to participate. 

This session will outline the purpose and intended outcomes of the program, how schools can get involved as well as what their involvement means.  

To find out more about this exciting program, book here

PLEASE NOTE: BOOKINGS CLOSE 6pm, Friday 16th February 

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Heathmont Bushcare Planting Session

When: Sunday 5 November 2017
Time: 10am-12.30pm
Where: Dexter's residence
46 Dickasons Rd, Heathmont
Cost: Free event
Bookings: www.trybooking.com/RSDX

Join Roger Lord, President of Heathmont Bushcare, for an exploration of the Dexter's beautiful one-hectare property.

Hear about the significant trees that mark this area and get involved in planting some native species, to help create new homes for local wildlife

Have your say - Maroondah vegetation review

Maroondah’s vegetation is an important asset for our community, providing many environmental and cultural benefits, and greatly adding to the character of the municipality.

We are conducting a review that will tell us what our community values about the vegetation in Maroondah and how it contributes to our wellbeing.

This long term project will look at all facets of Maroondah’s vegetation and guide us in our approach to advocacy, education and Council policy.

To have your say, visit Council’s Café Consult marquee at the 2017 Maroondah Festival on Sunday 12 November in Town Park Croydon.

If you would like to be notified of progress or find out about engagement opportunities register your interest on the Maroondah Council website

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The New Joneses at Whitehorse

TNJ School Visits 1The multi-award winning ‘The New Joneses’ house visited Whitehorse in October of this year. The house aims to show visitors how they can live more sustainable lives and how to create an equitable world through fun, thoughtful and less wasteful use of our finite resources. 

Over 400 students came and visited the tiny house from Whitehorse, Manningham and Maroondah schools. All schools said that they really enjoyed their visits, felt inspired to take further action at their schools and learned something new.

Students rotated through 3 different workshops during their 1.5 hour visit. These were:

  • a tour of TNJ and discussion on what changes we can all make to the way we live to have a minimal impact on the earth;
  • a composting and recycling workshop;

an energy workshop which gave students an appreciation different sources of energy and how much energy it takes to power everyday appliances.

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Yarra Ranges

Young Environmental Achievers – Australia Day Awards

Do you know of a young person living in the Yarra Ranges who is making a difference to their local environment? Nominations will soon open for the 2018 Yarra Ranges Australia Day Awards. These awards are a great opportunity to recognise those making a difference in our community. The Young Environmental Achievers award celebrates the efforts of local young environmentalists from our schools and communities. You may nominate a young person, a small team, or even a whole school group. In 2017, Upwey Primary School and Chum Creek Primary School were joint winners for their efforts in the Platypus Education Group’s Elastic Band Challenge.

If you know of a young person or group worthy of nomination, please go to www.yarraranges.vic.gov.au. Nominations will open in November.

Follow Your Waste Tours

Each year, Yarra Ranges Council offers a limited number of free ‘Follow Your Waste’ tours to school groups (Grade 3 upwards) to visit a landfill site and recycling centre in the Dandenong area. The excursion is free of charge – the school is only required to cover the cost of mini-bus transport. A maximum of two classes of per school may attend. If your class is studying waste and recycling, and would like to learn more about what happens to the waste that is collected through our household bins, please contact our Sustainability Officer, Lisa Loulier, on 9294 6343.

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Are these in the calendar?

Monday 23rd to Sunday 29th October - Aussie Backyard Bird Count

Visit the Aussie Bird Count website to register as a counter today.

Tuesday 24th October - United Nations Day

Visit the UN Page to find out more information.

Friday 10th November - World Science Day for Peace and Development

Visit the UN page to find out more information about this celebrated science day.

Native Bee For Pollinator SectionSunday 12th to Sunday 19th November - Pollinator Week

Celebrate the unique and important Australian pollinators in your area.  

Monday 13th to Sunday 19th November - National Recycling Week

Visit the website to find out more about the National Recycling Week, organised by PlanetArk!

Saturday 25th November - Buy Nothing Day

A day to take a holiday from consumerism and spend a day without spending! 

Sunday 3rd December - International Day of People with a Disability

A day to increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability and celebrate the achievements and contributions of people with disability.

Sunday 10th December - Human Rights Day

Find out more information about Human Rights day from the UN website

Monday 25th December - The 12 Do's of Christmas

PlanetArk gives 12 tips for what to do around christmas to reduce your impact ont he planet and recycle well.

Friday 2nd February - World Wetlands Day

A day to celebrate the ecological significance of wetlands and the biodiversity that they support.

Saturday 3rd to Wendesday 28th February - The Sustainable Living Festival

Find out more information the events and opportunities at the 2018 Sustainable Living Festival the official website. 

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