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We have researched and collected resources for many different sustainability topics to assist you in the classroom and in your own sustainability journey. Many of these resources are not owned by EASL and the original sources are acknowledged in each case. If there are useful resources that you have used which you would like to share, please email EASL Coordinator at

Our resources are open to the sustainability learning community to support educators in the classroom as well as supply information to educational providers about their local area.

Information and links will be updated periodically and further information added as new resources become available.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives | Different resources that you can use within the classroom as well as who to contact if you have questions you want help with. 

Awards, Competitions and Grants| Relevant awards, competitions and grants available to those from the eastern region or more broadly to the education community.

Biodiversity | Information on local parks and reserves as well as tools and tips to improve biodiversity within your local area.

Citizen Science | Local projects and initiatives that welcome participation from education providers. COMING SOON!

Days of Significance| Links to external calendars of sustainability or environmentally themed days. These can be great to link to topics happening over the year.

Energy| Information on how you can reduce energy use within your provider and support for solar programs available in the eastern region.

Gardening | Information and resources for vegetable gardening, composting and native gardens. COMING SOON!

Health and Wellbeing | Information on ways of supporting healthy living and mental health, both key elements of a sustainable lifestyle. COMING SOON!

Leadership | Programs and resources for use in boosting leadership skills. COMING SOON!

Transport | Information on existing sustainable transport programs and resources for use within your classroom. COMING SOON!

Waste| Resources for use with different age groups as well as individual municipal information to help you pass on the correct waste information to students.

Water | Programs and information to help you with water education in the classroom. COMING SOON!

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Resources from EASL events

If you attended an EASL PD session and would like information about the session please email the EASL Coordinator at

External Resources

Other organisations that offer resources on a range of topics for educators are listed below:

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