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EASL has held a professional development session focused on Active Travel that went into a the benefits of increasing active travel, how it can be tied to the curriculum and Education State Objectives and the best process to follow for a successful and sustainable program. We've included some of these component below and are working on the video from the session which will also be available soon. 

When thinking about active travel, there are many different elements to consider. Any group wanting to start on the active travel journey should remember 4 key things before starting a travel plan:

  • Is the senior leadership of your organisation on board?
  • Do you have a committed team ready to go?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of the governance arrangements and the project timeline?
  • Do you know who your internal and external stakeholders are, and have you established a relationship?

Once you're sure that the above are in place, that's when you can launch into developing a travel plan. 

On this page:

Council Information

Knox City Council

You can find detailed information and resources available to Knox schools and early years through the Knox Transport Education page here

Manningham City Council

You can find out Manningham Council's approach to Active Travel here and the support available. 

Maroondah City Council

Maroondah Council supports active travel through the Walk to School program and by assisting with travel plan development. You can find out more here

Whitehorse City Council

Whitehorse Council has a range of school programs offered to support active travel within the area. Find out more here

Yarra Ranges Council

Yarra Ranges Council recently endorsed a new Integrated Transport Strategy and are looking to support the community to travel more actively. You can find out more information here

Incursion and Excursion Opportunities, Lesson Ideas, Resources and Programs

ABC Education: Work out your School's Carbon Footprint

Bike Education from VicRoads

Healthy Schools Achievement Program

Kids on the Move - VicRoads Road Safety Resources

RACV Road Safety School Programs


Walking and Cycling to School from VicRoads

Walking Audits from Victoria Walks

Walk to School | VicHealth Initiative: Worksheets and resources to support teachers and schools to encourage Active Travel. They have produced a number of activities and materials to support even remote travel.

Walk to School | Happy, healthy, connected communities: A list of resources to quickly help you get active, even during remote learning. 

Victoria Walks: Victoria Walks supports school communities to motivate and encourage students, families and staff to become healthier, happier and more active by walking. We provide a range of services and educational resources for both primary and secondary schools.

Further Reading and Member Council Resources