Term 1 Progress Workshop – Heany Park Primary School

On Thursday 14th March Heany Park Primary School hosted our first Progress Workshop of the year. They achieved their first star in one year, which is a huge undertaking and inspiring story to share with other schools starting out with ResourceSmart Schools.

The morning opened with networking activities to foster connection between educators that can often feel isolated in their sustainability projects. The EASL facilitators then ran a presentation diving into the logistics of running water, energy, waste, and biodiversity audits at schools. This is a valuable service that EASL provide for free to our RSS schools that helps inform sustainability action plans.

After morning tea Heany Park’s student team, Sustainability champions, took the group on an in-depth tour of their school and sustainability practices. Great ideas were shared throughout, including how to set up a specialty recycling station [image above], outdoor classroom uses for a yarning circle which they have plans to include Bunurong language around, how their gardening club take care of the veggie garden and how the ‘i Sea, i Care’ Dolphin Research Institute program activates the student population to care about the ocean. The student’s enthusiasm was infectious, and the group left feeling energised to bring these ideas into their own schools.

Thank you to Sarah, Janet, and the student champions for hosting us at Heany Park PS.